Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's that time of year again...

Monday night I went grocery shopping with my daughter, and came home to a Christmas tree in my living room.Yay! I had been asking the hubby when we were going to get our tree this year, but he likes to wait until the last minute for things. I like to get my tree as early as possible. It just doesn't feel like the Christmas season until the tree is up.

So Tuesday night, this momma had a glass(or two) of wine and decorated the tree. Every year I get sentimental over the ornaments that the kids have made. I snapped a few pictures of my favorite ones. A photographer I am not, so these pictures are not the best. I snapped them quickly with my Ipad, so the quality is poor, I'm aware of this. I just really wanted to blog about my favorite holiday decorations. Clicking on them will make them bigger.

I have a thing for snowmen. Ever year I pick at least one new snowman ornament. This is my absolute favorite snowman.


I have 3 of these guys, fun little snowmen playing in the snow


This is my newest snowman, bought last year at Kohls.I absolutely love Kohls Holiday selection, I can always find something that I need there!


Of course, I love all the homemade ornaments from the kids over the years. A few of my favorites...

My daughter in 2nd grade. She's 14 now.


My son made this in Kindergarten. I love it, mostly because it looks like you would expect an ornament a 5 yr old made to be.


I made this one with the kids in 2005. It was such a fun project, I have made it over the years with my daycare kids.


I love this one, it was a gift from one of my favorite daycare moms years ago.


Did I mention my love for snowmen?