Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Online shopping makes me happy

I admit it, I love to shop. I've been known spend hours on the weekends at the mall, walking around going from store to store. I even drag the hubby along to hold all my shopping bags. He may not enjoy it as much as I do, but he's a good sport, most of the time.

But sometimes I just don't have time. Holiday shopping has become a chore I have come to dread. It gives me anxiety attacks to even think about the crowds at the stores. Not to mention how mean people get. I mean, who really thinks its OK to snag items out of someone else cart because you want the same thing? Its not OK, people! And the lines...don't get me started on the check out lines. I'll never understand why a store has 35 check out lanes and only 5 open. I can already feel the stress....

I'm already stressing a bit about holiday shopping and saving money. Online shopping has become such a big help when it comes to getting what I need without having to fight the crowds. But this doesn't mean you won't see me out on Black Friday. Its a sad and kind of scary tradition I have with a good friend. We get up way to early to save lots of money, get pushed around a little in the crowds then go out to eat. Its fun, but exhausting and I may or may not grab a nap when I get home!

In the past couple of years, I've been doing more and more holiday shopping online. One website I've really come to like is mygofer.com . They have everything I need, from groceries to pet supplies and everything in between! The best part is, I can shop online, and if I'm going out later on I can pick my order up at a nearby Kmart. For free. How cool is that?

mygofer.com has everything for a new mom too. They know how hard it is when your out shopping, going from this store to that store and waiting in super long lines. They have awesome tools to help with everyday errands, like a list center and personal shopper. You can also save with Shop Your Way Rewards and refer a friend. Whats better than saving time and money?

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